Warning Signs That Paganism, Manipulation, False Teaching, or An Angel of Light is Present


1. The world is getting better. (tell this to the persecuted and martyred Christians around the world)

2. The written Word of God is not as important as what the Holy Spirit is saying. (Starting point for gnosticism, this has been around since the first century. )

3. The God of the Old Covenant and the New Covenant are not the same or that Jesus Christ is in any way an improvement on the God of the Old Covenant. (separating Jesus Christ from the Father has been a gnostic lie since the first century also, Jesus showed us the Father while fulfilling the Old Covenant in every way)

4. Disregarding the Old Testament

5. Claiming the Old Covenant and the New Covenant co-existed at any time. (In Matthew 12:6 Jesus stated that He was greater than the temple. On the cross He stated “It is finished.” and in Hebrews 9 it is explained how He fulfilled and finished it ALL. Teaching that both Covenants existed simultaneously is an assault on the nature of God and the story of redemption. )

6. Teaching that the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple in 70AD is a key component to redemption or the understanding of the New Covenant. (The events of 70AD were a sign of the Lord’s office as Prophet and was a judgment that He spoke. In Matthew 21, He withered the fig tree as a sign to His disciples. In Matthew 24, He prophesied the destruction of the temple and Jerusalem as a sign to Israel and the world. He was validating His words and warning those at the end of the age, who would see His return, that ALL the tribes of the earth would mourn and see Him coming in great power.

7. Constantly stressing the goodness of God without mentioning His severity, His Holiness, the fear of God, or our responsibility in working out our own salvation.

8. Quoting other teachers or authors without showing clear Scriptural support.

9. The necessity and application of the Cross, for the believer, is never explained or demonstrated and may even be ridiculed.

10. The cross is never explained in a salvation message. (False converts everywhere and no disciples found. An example ? 400 decisions for Christ in a crusade in Leeds, England and 6 weeks later only two were still committed. Altar calls, decisions, and hand raising do not equal an understanding and application of the work of the Cross.)

11. Not addressing sin in the life of the believer or diminishing what sin does or even redefining sin.

12. Not addressing sin against our brethren when we partake of the Lord’s Supper.

13. Stressing an atmosphere or an environment at the expense of the Word and the Spirit. (atmospheres and environments can be controlled and released by men and angels, angels of light release warm and fuzzy feelings too)

14. An acceptance of homosexuality. (paganistic christianity brings the people in and leaves them as they are and does not provide deliverence or an understanding of the Cross. Paganism, in every way, shape or form, hates the Cross and it’s power to transform.)

15. Grand statements or self promotion (my teaching will bring revival or reformation. I am the Martin Luther of this day. I am an apostle to the nations. The next great revival is coming out of our little church or doctrine or understanding.)

16. The anointing of an Apostle is needed in a region or the body of Christ is inefficient due to a lack of a man’s covering or mantle.

17. Teaching that erases judgment or justice….temporal or eternal.

18. Any hint of anti-Semitism or replacement theology (saying people are racist because they support Israel, or attacking men who were/are dispensationalist in their beliefs)

19. Stressing our kingship in the context of the renewal of the earth and the taking over of it’s spheres. (In 1 Corinthians 4, Paul chastised the church for their pride in thinking they were going to reign as kings before their time. He then explained the cost of being an apostle. We are His body and His bride. We reign now by making war and ruling ourselves and being salt and light. Jesus Christ was never called the King of the Church. Our relationship with Him is more profound and vital.

20. Ignorance of, or the dismissal of, the importance of the historical faith or Christian history.

21. Signs, wonders, and miracles….night after night after night or worshipping said signs wonders or miracles. (Bowing before a manifestation is idol worship. Angel’s can release manifestations. I have been covered in gold dust, seen feathers fall, seen gemstones appear and much more. But the sad fact is that I also knew of adultery, fornication, drunkeness, and perversion in those that continued to seek and release all forms of manifestations and signs. Without the Cross and without the Cost, signs and wonders are easily manipulated by man or angel.)

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