Theology As An Idol or False Teaching And Why It Itches The Teachers Ear First

Here are a few quotes from Edward P. Meadors which illuminates the source of preterism ,open theism, and the other “isms” that are so popular today. The Word Of God, in its entirety, is all we need. Beware of those who continually teach on the same passages while proclaiming “revelation” or “supernatural” understanding or gifting. There is a spirit behind the inclusivism of hyper grace and the “supernatural” Bible schools that push preterism. This spirit is getting many to bow before the intellect of man and to worship a golden calf. Beware. Words in bold are my doing.

“When wrongly construed, theology misrepresents God by conforming Him to human speculation.  And where human speculation creates gods, theological/philosophical idolatry is the result.  Misrepresentations of this kind either assign God attributes that the Scriptures do not specify, or they absolutize as preeminent one attribute that, when forced to be all-encompassing, unbalances God’s comprehensive nature.”

“As an extension of the self and the self’s tradition and heritage, theology can and often does become a form of pride and self-worship. “

“The only sure preventative to theological idolatry of this kind is scrupulous appeal to the entirety of biblical revelation.  Rather than conforming God to inherited biases or to humanly constructed philosophies by picking and choosing the Scriptures (Matthew 24) (70AD) that fit a preconceived system of thought, the honest, truly dedicated biblical theologian worships God comprehensively as God reveals himself in the entirety of the Bible, allowing for mystery to remain where there is a mystery, with the awareness that God has not willed to reveal everything to us – “For now we see in a mirror darkly” (1Cor 13:12).  By lessening this mystery, theological idolatries shorten the distance between humanity and God, so that the theologian’s humanly constructed philosophical theology confidently and even in some cases dogmatically explains God with terms and limitations preconceived by the theologian’s system of thought prior to the reading of Scripture. The result is that the theologian’s theology suffers an irreparable methodological flaw – that of conforming Scripture to a preconceived system of theology, when the working method should be that of extracting theology from God’s self-revelation in all of Scripture.”

“Prioritizing select passages (Matthew 24) (70AD) that on the surface seem to substantiate their preexisting systems, they each turn their prioritized texts into governing hermeneutical keys for interpreting the entire Bible – and indeed all reality.”

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