Signs Of The Occult Or That An Antichrist Or Witchcraft Spirit Is At Work

1.  Jesus became a man so we could become gods.

2.  If you don’t jump in now… then the next wave is going to pass you by.

3.  Abraham just walked in the room and wants to release a blessing.

4.  Seeking bridges or arks to be formed so heaven can be released.

5.  Portals.

6.  The Lord told me that this is going to happen…..but if the people pray enough it won’t

7.  Prayers asking for the help of Enoch or Methuselah.

8.  Bowing before manifestations.

9.  God wants us to operate in 36 dimensions and move in 9 realms.

10.  Manifested sons of God.

11. Special tutors that are being sent to the church in these days.

12.  My angel Biff just showed up….lets get started now.

13. The disparagement of previous generations.

14.  Seeking communion with watchers or angels.

15.  Chromosomes, autosomes, light emissions, and trans-dimensional travel.

16.  Training to travel in the spirit and visit other nations or peoples.

17.  Morphing.

18.  The spirit man is in your brain and uses amniotic fluid to transfer information.

19.  Stressing that maturity is based on knowledge saved for theses times and specifically for the people in this meeting.

20. Extensive teaching  on Lucifer, magi, sons of God, dimensions, quantum theory.

21.  Prophesying your eschatology.

2 thoughts on “Signs Of The Occult Or That An Antichrist Or Witchcraft Spirit Is At Work

  1. That’s a relief! I can only handle three dimensions, but I AM a bit concerned about my 46 chromosomes.



    1. Lol. I am a bit concerned about the 46 hairs left on my head. Most of that list came from a recent meeting. Who knew that one day it would be acceptable and even popular to mix Ramtha or Shirley MacLaine with the Bible ?

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