The Rapture Frenzy and The Delusion of Preterism

Here are two examples of poisonous philosophies/mindsets at work in the Church.


Rapture frenzy is the belief that the end will happen today or tomorrow THEREFORE lets huddle in the corner and wait.

Or let’s sell all that we have and move to a secure location so when it all falls apart… least we will have our garden and chickens and top ramen.

Or why bother saving up money for my kids college education because the Lord is going to return.

You get my point.  It’s the ” why bother because we are getting out of here anyway mindset.”

The problem with this view is that it’s contrary to the Word of God and the heart of God.

I personally believe in an out-resurrection.

But I don’t believe in rapture frenzy.

I believe that the out-resurrection (if understood correctly) is the motivation to live holy….save the lost…..and disciple others.

Another way to put it is…….a belief in an out-resurrection is a motivation to get ready for the Judgment Seat of Christ….which (if properly understood) would motivate a person to live holy….save the lost….and disciple others.


Preterism frenzy is the belief that the end of the world already happened in 70AD…

and Jesus Christ already returned (in the clouds above Jerusalem during its destruction)

and there is no new heavens and new earth

and Antichrist refers to some nebulous gnostic spirit of the first century but when confronted with Scripture from the Book of Revelation…..Antichrist could refer to Nero or the Roman Empire

and all wrath and judgment has already been poured out on the inhabitants of Jerusalem so there is none left

which can lead to forms of hyper grace and a redefinition of sin

and dominionism

and manifested sons of god theology

and universalism

and annihilationism.

There are two things that these mindsets have in common.

#1 They both steal rewards from the believer.

#2 They both are centered on man….whether his emotions (escape) or intellect (adding to the Word of God).