Preterism Is Fools Gold

If anyone tells you that……

there was a “transition period” that led up to the “full establishment” of the new covenant and the “destruction of the old covenant”…….

they are selling you fools gold.

Don’t buy it.

Well….you could buy it….

if you prefer the trinkets and baubles created by men who worship their own philosophies and intellects over the word of God

or if you enjoy being manipulated by words like optimistic or victorious

or if you just love the way the word “preterist” rolls off of your tongue.

But if you want gold…the real stuff….the valuable and precious and priceless GOLD then look at the Cross again…

Look at the finished work of obedience and seal of acceptance

Look at the Lamb of God and His resurrection and ascension

Look at our great High Priest

Look at the One who abolished IN HIS FLESH the enmity,the law of commandments that was against us, to make in Himself one new man !

Or….I guess….you could keep looking at the fools gold.

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