If your motive is fear
Then you will always relate to others through a mask
The mask of intellect
The mask of wealth
The mask of power
The mask of appearance
The mask will always protect you and allow you to continue to cower
The real you must never be seen
You are seduced by the image you think that others have of you
And are too afraid to let them know the truth
You will always project a fantasy to protect yourself from reality
Telling little lies is easy.

If your motive is self
Then you will brag about having no masks
While excusing your behavior by telling everyone
” Oh….that’s just the way I am.”
When in reality you choose to continue to embrace your indifference
Or lack of empathy
Or self absorption
Because to open your eyes and see it for what it is
Would steal your excuse(s)
And place a demand for change upon your conscience
You will never see your need for change
Because you are too busy wondering why everyone else
Is not like you
Or doesn’t think like you
Or act like you
Living a lie is normal

If your motive is pride
Then all that you do
And whether you do it or not
Will be based upon how you feel
And how it makes you feel
You will do or go without considering how others may feel
And what you may be saying to them through your choices
Because the feeling you crave or need
Is more valuable than another person
Or their needs
Or feelings
Promoting the lie feels good…for awhile.