Another Spirit and Covenant

Kingdom Files

The Old Covenant (Moses, Israel, Sinai….you know the story) was a covenant of works.  Laws were given.  Expectations established.  Obey and be blessed. It was a covenant God made with man.  A history of failure and rejection and judgment ensued.  All fell short.  A New and Better Way was necessary.  Jesus Christ is that Way.  He fulfilled all for us.  We now are living the New Covenant….in Him… Him…..through Him.

The covenant with Noah was not a covenant of works.  It was not a covenant based upon what man did.  God never said….if you do this I won’t smite the earth with a flood again,  but if you do this I will make the last flood look like a sneeze.  Nope never.  The Lord purposed in His own heart and established the covenant with Himself.  He gave the rainbow as a token or sign.

The covenant with Abraham was not a covenant…

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