The Anitchrist and the Early Church

Kingdom Files

Polycarp (69AD to 155AD) was personally instructed by the Apostle John and communicated regularly with many who had seen Jesus. He served as the bishop of Smyrna. His writings stressed perseverence in the faith, avoiding materialism and financial dishonesty. He also fought against Marcionism, which redefined the nature of God and rejected the Old Testament and its teachings, along with other heresies.

Irenaeus (130AD to 202AD) was a disciple of Polycarp. He wrote the five volume work AGAINST HERESIES. In volume 3 of AGAINST HERESIES, Irenaeus wrote of Polycarp and that he had always taught the things which he had learned from the apostles and “alone were true.”

Hippolytus (170AD to 235AD) was a disciple of Irenaeus. Hippolytus believed it was his obligation as a disciple of Irenaeus; who was a disciple of Polycarp; who was a disciple of the Apostle John to master, teach, and preserve the unchanged teachings…

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