Agenda Eschatology Part 1

Kingdom Files

I will state the teaching. I will state who teaches it and why. I will state why I feel it’s false and merely “agenda eschatology “.

1. Nero was the Beast/Antichrist. This proves that there is no future antichrist. This is what the early church taught.

Preterists teach that the Emperor Nero was the Beast of the Book of Revelation because they need all end-times events to have been fulfilled in 70 AD.

Nero died in 68 AD. There is no historical record of Nero having even visited Jerusalem. This should be enough to disprove their beliefs but lets look further.

First, a preterist will usually teach about how awful and evil Nero was. They make it sound like this is proof that he was the antichrist. That is a smokescreen and is of no value. Because there is no Biblical evidence for their teaching, they have to appeal to…

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