Thoughts on Open Theism and The Theology of Idolatry

Kingdom Files

Certain beliefs are emerging at a quickening pace in the modern church.

The main theme that seems to bind all of the “latest” thoughts on God and His Word together is……the ascendancy of man.

Man’s opinion. Man’s power. Man’s gifts. Man’s intellectualism. Man’s philosophy. Man’s reasoning. Man’s pattern.

It’s the same old lie of idolatry. Creating a god in OUR image and likeness that we can handle and touch and control. Disseminating our beliefs of this god to others in language that doesn’t allow anyone to feel confronted or confrontational. Or presenting a god that soothes the itch of the many who just want to bask in mans glory. Or presenting a “crossless” salvation call. Or a “crossless” walk with Him. Or redefining the nature of God so as to eliminate wrath or anger or jealousy.

Preterism -Universalism -Annihilationism -Antinomianism -Inclusivism -Open Theism….all of these “isms” are tools that are…

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