8 1/2 Eschatological Core Values

1. I will not embrace an end time world view that denies that the prince of the power of the air works through the sons of disobedience,
and that death has not been destroyed…yet.

2. I will not accept a philosophy that blames an eschatology for taking away my children’s future, and creates mindsets that undermine the mentality of leaving a legacy.

3. I will not tolerate any theology that distorts the clear command to make disciples of all peoples (Gentile or Jew, Greek or Roman, African or Asian) into a mandate to take over the world and govern all nations.

4. I will not allow any interpretation of the scriptures that tells me not to look for the Blessed Hope and glorious appearing of Jesus Christ, and overlooks our command to live soberly, righteously, and godly in this present age.

5. I will not embrace an eschatology that changes the nature of a holy, just, and loving God into a God who is only good
as defined by the mind of man.

6. I refuse to embrace any mindset that celebrates feathers, gemstones, or gold dust as a sign of the times,
and proof that the kingdom is being established, or that a man or ministry is sanctioned by God.

7. I am opposed to any doctrinal position that pushes the warnings of judgment and wrath into the past (70AD) and therefore
takes away my responsibility to warn and inform.

8. I believe the last days are a time of judgment where the tares and the nations are being prepared.  There is a day of judgment
for the Christian and it will be a sorrowful day as well as a joyous day.

1/2. I am vehemently opposed to ear itching, ear itchers, and the modern fables created by all who thrive in the Kingdom of Christian Fantasy.

2 thoughts on “8 1/2 Eschatological Core Values

    1. My name is Jeff Nicholes. If you disagree with what I am posting….tell me why and let’s talk through email. If you agree with me….YAY and thank you. Let’s shine the light on the false and humbly seek Him ! Thank you for reading my post !

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