Changing the Nature Of God

Kingdom Files

Here is a quote from part three of Harold Eberle’s book Who Is God ?

“In summary, we can say that God is neither timeless, nor impassible, nor omniscient, nor sovereign, nor totally self-sufficient, nor invulnerable….because He is relational, He is Covenant-Maker, and He loves us. “

Here are two quotes from Clark Pinnock’s  Most Moved Mover : A Theology of God’s Openness.

“Imagine the delight of genuine interactions and loving relationships and the elements of novelty and surprise that a world with an open future would offer God! Why not think of God as cognitively dependent on the world and his knowledge changing as history changes? True, there would be a degree of uncertainty as God faces a partly unsettled future because genuinely free decisions cannot be entirely predicted prior to being taken, but what a beautiful context. Instead of a future that is totally fixed and foreknown, there is one…

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