Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, and Bethel Church…Time to Repent ?

The devil legitimizes his doctrines by releasing them through established churches, movements, or leaders.  He is not as dumb as some proclaim.  His desire is to make false teaching more easily accepted and eventually to have people hunger for it and ignore anything that does not “sound” right.  If he can get a foothold in an affluent church or an influential leader, he will use that platform to legitimize his teachings.

Pointing out false teaching is not prideful.

It is not the sin of the Pharisees.

It is not religious.

It is our responsibility.

Let us grow up.

Through their support of teachers like Harold Eberle and Jonathan Welton or the endorsement of books like The Physics of Heaven….the leadership of Bethel Church in Redding  is showing a strong tendency to embrace the false.

The following quotes are from the book The Physics of Heaven by Judy Franklin and Ellyn Davis.  I read through it (quickly) this morning.  I have never read such a blatant compromise with the world/New Age Movement.  Bethel may as well start selling The Secret by Rhonda Byrne or A New Earth by Eckart Tolle in their bookstore.  Maybe Oprah is available for the next Spiritual Advance ?

Kris Vallotton wrote the forward.

Bill Johnson contributed, along with his wife and various others.

Words/sentences/paragraphs in bold are my doing and are the salient points.


“As I said, this book is a conglomeration of different insights and information gleaned by Ellyn, me and the other contributors.  Its sole purpose is to share what we have discovered so you can go on your own journey of discovery with God into the realms of sound, light, energy, vibration, and quantum physics.  Why? Because I believe what the Lord has been showing both of us is the absolute truth that will help us bring God’s kingdom to this earth.  The Lord is ready to use sound, light, and energy in ways we never dreamed, but we first need to have some foundational understandings. ” (location 146 of 2316 kindle version)

“For centuries there have been stories of spontaneous healings in the presence of dolphins but no scientific studies of this phenomenon until 1996….since that time researchers have discovered that dolphins naturally produce an ultrasonic frequency that is four times the frequency used for therapeutic purposes in clinics and hospitals….although no one really knows how dolphins heal, scientists speculate that dolphin ultrasound resonates with natural vibrational frequencies of the human body; that dolphins emit frequencies that synchronize right and left brain activity in humans; and that dolphins emit ultrasonic waves that positively alter human magnetic fields. ” (location 308 of 2316 kindle version)

“We live in a decade when 21 million copies of the book The Secret have been sold, when over half a million people tuned in to Oprah Winfrey‘s 10 week online seminar with Eckhart Tolle discussing his book, The New Earth, and when there are over three and a half million New Agers worldwide who embrace some sort of philosophical/spiritual spin on the quantum physics theories of the early to mid-twentieth century.  Just what is “quantum mysticism” ?  According to Wikipedia, “Quantum mysticism is a term that has been used to refer to a set of metaphysical beliefs and associated practices that seek to relate consciousness, intelligence or mystical world-views to the ideas of quantum mechanics and its interpretations.”  Many in the church have tended to write off all dabblings into quantum mysticism as blasphemous and demonically inspired.  However, there are a few courageous Christians who are beginning to speak up and say, “Wait a minute, there may be some God truth there that really belongs to us and that we should know about!”(location 382 of 2316 kindle version)

“I have found throughout Scripture at least 75 examples of things that the New Age has counterfeited, such as having a spirit guide, trances, meditation, auras, power objects, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and more.  These actually belong to the church, but they have been stolen and cleverly repackaged.” (location 761 of 2316 kindle version)

“Prophets have long recognized that their words carry a force or power that is more than just the words, but is like an “energy” that empowers what they prophesy.  Some Christian leaders have also found that they have a “resonance” themselves that helps people move deeper into God.  For example, Judy Franklin has found that people who have a hard time “going to heaven” by themselves can more easily do it if they are around her, so she carries some sort of energy that helps them.” (location 798 of 2316 kindle version)

What if there really are “good vibrations” that God has embedded into everything He created and we just need to be open to experiencing them ?” (location 817 of 2316 kindle version)

“Christ in you, the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27). The word “glory” means “lightified”. From this, we can deduce that Christ in you is the hope of being “lit”, or the hope of being “sounded.” Christ is your hope of producing the sound that has resided in you since the beginning of time.” (location 1043 of 2316 kindle version)

“When the vowels of ancient sacred languages such as Hebrew, Sanskrit, Egyptian, and Tibetan were pronounced, the vibration took the shape of the written symbols for these vowels, while our modern languages failed to produce the same result.  Jenny concluded that, by sounding sacred texts and singing sacred vowels in these ancient languages, it is possible to transform physical reality by using sound to change its molecular structure.  An interesting fact is that some crop circles duplicate the patterns Jenny created with sound, which has led scientists to theorize that crop circles may be formed by sound frequency anomalies.” (location 1191 of 2316 kindle version)

Clearly, one of the greatest revivals in human history-the vibration of heaven in Acts- set all kinds of things in motion. Why? Because, the 120 believers in the Upper Room didn’t get hung up on sound alone.  They let the sound take them somewhere else, triggering all their senses to the point that they were drunk from the vibration…Perhaps the most significant thing we can do to position ourselves for the “new sound” is to start recovering the truths that are currently held captive by many unbelievers.  Many New Agers, for example, have already begun to explore the phenomenon of synesthesia and are desperately trying to “tune in” to multiple realms of spiritual reality.” (location 1352 of 2316 kindle version)

Scripture tells us that rocks can cry out, stars can sing, and trees can “clap their hands” in joy, so we wouldn’t be too surprised to discover that they have a form of consciousness too, a “mind” as it were. We also know that we all share some mystical connection with each other, with all things, and with ultimate consciousness because we’ve had unexplainable experiences of connectivity like feeling someone else’s pain of thinking of an old friend we haven’t seen for years and suddenly running into them at a restaurant.  If there weren’t some universal connectedness, why would God treat us as “all in Adam” or “all in Christ”?….We also believe that our experiences of being one with Him can actually become a way of life to the point that we will consistently be able to alter the nature of reality with our words, thoughts, and intentions. ” (location 1690 of 2316 kindle version)

There is a non-physical reality from which this universe and everything in it flows.  Jesus Himself is causing your body, your spirit, and everything you have to blink into your reality.” (location 1703 of 2316 kindle version)

“Faith is an unseen energy force. It is not matter, but it creates matter and actually becomes matter.  You have a choice to use the energy of your words to change matter….By this point in the book, you’ve realized that you have a choice to use the energy of your intent and you words to change matter and events.” (location 1835 of 2316 kindle version)

Repentance ?