A Description of the Last Days Church

In the 1870’s, George N.H. Peters made a list describing the church of the last days: the preminence of human reasoning and philosophy over the authority of Scripture, a bloodless gospel,grand plans of reform, erasure of judgment etc.., It is amazing how much insight men, who give themselves over to the Living Word and the authority of Scripture, can gain.

Here is the list.  Words in bold are my doing.


  1. A large class of Christians will then exist in self-righteousness and self-sufficiency, and with a large and commanding influence.
  2. A condition repulsive to the Lord Jesus; human reason will be exalted, reform takes the place of repentance, morality supersedes piety, sin is covered over, benevolence displaces the wrath of God, and the sacrifice of Jesus is explained awayA bloodless gospel will be preached varnished over with humanitarianism to make it popular.
  3. A church boastful of, reliant upon, it’s great wealth and ability to honor and magnify itself in the eyes of the world.
  4. Material prosperity, worldly policy, large endowments, dreams of extended progress, lead to pride and self-confidence.
  5. A willful ignorance, and ignoring of heart-felt obedience, a lack of spiritual worship, a dependence upon ritualistic observances, a non-reliance upon the atonement of Christ, a dependence for safety and divine favor alone on the Fatherhood of God
  6. It is a body thoroughly permeated and controlled by humanitarian ideas, plans and reforms, while the distinctive doctrines of justifying faith in Christ, of an appropriation of his righteousness, of self-denial and holiness, are practically ignored, set aside, as unsuitable to its advanced enlightenment.

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