Jesus Christ Lord God Almighty

A Creed of Christ’s Pre-eminence  by Bishop H.G.C. Moule  Colossians 1:15-17 Meditate on His Greatness

Who is image of God,

 the Unseen God;

 whether in the heavenly world,

or in ours,

 it is in Him that the Father is beheld as He is;

 Firstborn over all creation,


 “not created but begotten”,

 the SON,

 the HEIR of all things,

and thus eternally antecedent to all contingent and created being;

 as is seen when we ponder His relation to it;

 because in Him were created,

constituted in existence,

 all things that are-yes,

 “in Him,”

as the Effect is in its Cause;

 in Him lay eternally the power and the law

 of their becoming and being;

all things, I say, in the heavens and on the earth,

 that is to say,

 in all regions of created existence,

the visible things and the invisible,

 alike worlds and personalities,

and now particularly the personalities of the superhuman sphere,

whether thrones, or lordships,

 or governments, or authorities,

whatever be the ranks and orders of the hierarchy of the Unseen,

and whether they be the powers who stood,

or the powers who fell from “their first estate”;

 all things that are stand created,

constituted in existence,

by means of Him as the sublime Agent of the Father,

and unto Him

so that their final cause is to serve His will,

 to contribute to His glory;

 He who is their Creator is also their Goal.

 Their whole being willingly or unwillingly, moves that way-to Him;

 whether, as His blissful servants, they shall be as it were His throne;

 or, as His stricken enemies, “His footstool.”

And He,

He in emphasis ,

 is before all things;


 not only was;

with a being before because above all time;

 and these “all things” in Him are held together;

 He is not their Cause only, in an initial sense;

 He is forever their Bond,

their Order,

their Law,

the ultimate Secret which makes the whole Universe,

 seen and unseen,

 a Cosmos,

not a Chaos.


An expanded translation/version by H.C.G. Moule D.D. Cambridge University