Harold Eberle, Jonathan Welton, the NAR….and another Jesus

Here are a few quotes from Harold Eberle’s book Systematic Theology for the New Apostolic Reformation An Exposition in Father-Son Theology..

“Instead of identifying my use  of the Bible with either inerrancy or infallibility, I will use terminology that has recently become popular among Bible teachers who hold to the validity of the Scriptures. I take the Bible seriously.”

“…I am well-acquainted with creationism, but today I am not a strict creationist.”

“We will see human nature in a more positive light than Classical/Reformed theology teaches. Coming from the perspective of Father-Son theology and wanting to correct some errors of Classical/Reformed theology, I can say, “People are not that bad.”

“Humanity is not eternally separated from God because of Adam’s sin.”

Jesus emptied Himself. This does not mean that He ceased being God. Paul explained that Jesus continued existing in the form of God. However, while being God, He emptied Himself.

This truth, that Jesus emptied Himself, has profound implications upon how we should live. This is because if Jesus laid aside all of His divine attributes, then He lived without using His own divine power. This means Jesus had to depend upon the Holy Spirit to work in and through Him. Since Jesus lived successfully and powerfully depending upon the Holy Spirit, then we can live successfully and powerfully depending upon the same Holy Spirit.

To see this more clearly, envision how Jesus would have lived if He had maintained and used His own divine powers. If Jesus resisted sin and worked miracles out of the power of His divine nature, then we have no reason to think that we can do what He did. We are not divine, so we should not expect to live successfully or powerfully.

On the other hand, since Jesus truly set aside His divine powers, He succeeded at living without sin and working miracles without depending upon His divinity. Since we have the same nature that Jesus took upon Himself, then we should be able to do what He did.”

“In summary, we can say that God is neither timeless, nor impassible, nor omniscient, nor sovereign, nor totally self-sufficient, nor invulnerable….because He is relational, He is Covenant-Maker, and He loves us. “

“The Classical/Reformed idea that God is wholly other is not in the Bible.  The overall message of the Bible is not that God is different and unreachable to humanity.  The Bible actually emphasizes how humans are like God.  Adam and Eve were created in His image and likeness.  God breathed His own spirit (ruach, in Hebrew) into humanity (Gen 2:7).  In Acts 17:27, Paul explained that God is very near to every

“Immutable, impassable, perfect, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, self-sufficient, transcendent, wholly other, immanent, unknowable and incomprehensible…..The only characteristic in the above list that can be supported by Scripture is God’s immanence.”

Rather than totally rejecting the concept of evolution, Bible-believing Christians should, at the very least, note the God-given ability of plants and animals to adapt to their environment and change within their own kind. Note, however, the source of the power causing the change.  According to the theory of evolution, all changes that happen to plants and animals are due to chance mutations followed by natural selection.  It is believed that natural selection allows the beneficial mutations to continue and, therefore, be passed on to offspring.  This understanding does not recognize any force pushing living things in a positive direction.  Instead, only chance mutations, selected through the survival of the fittest are assumed to move organisms forward.

In contrast, all Christians who believe the Bible should recognize a God-created force moving living things in the direction of survival and advancement.  Not only is there the possibility of change through mutation and natural selection, but there is also a positive force predetermined by the word of God.  He commanded life to come forth, and He blessed all living things.  Life will do whatever it takes to fulfill God’s command.  Scientists may have identified a force and a direction for life, but they cannot tell us why this force exists or from whence it comes.  Only theology can give the answer: plants and animals evolve because God has spoken.”


Here are a few Jonathan Welton quotes from Understanding the Whole Bible and Raptureless

“In summary, the one view of the atonement that fits the biblical pictures is that Jesus fulfilled the types and shadows by becoming a covenant sacrifice to make a new covenant. Much of what the Church has believed in recent years regarding the atonement is wrong:

  1. Jesus did not die in our place as a substitute.
  2. Jesus did not pay the “penalty” for our sin.
  3. Jesus did not receive the wrath of God.

“Clement of Alexandria, one of the early Church fathers, described the atonement this way: “The Logos of God had become man so that you might learn from a man how a man may become God.” Similarly, the third century theologian, Origen, wrote, “From Christ began the union of the Divine with the human nature in order that the human, by communion with the Divine, might rise and also become Divine.” Athanasius, a significant father within the Eastern Orthodox Church, had a grasp of the incarnation and an understanding of God apart from the Platonism that muddled Augustine’s thinking. About the incarnation, he wrote, “The Word was made man so that we might be made God.”

Quotes like these can sound scary to a lot of people. It sounds too much, perhaps, like claiming to be God. However, our participation in the divine nature is really important to our identity as the Bride of Christ, because Christ needs to marry an equal. This, of course, does not mean we become God. The Trinity, the Godhead, is uncreated divinity, self-existing, eternal, always omnipresent and omnipotent. The Godhead is unique and will never be replicated. However, as the Bride of Christ, we become “created divinity”. God incarnated to help humans become incarnate…”

Many people are fearful of this idea because of the imbalance and heresy that has at times risen around it. It is always important to clarify. We are not God. But He has made us partakers of His divine nature. He has implanted in us, and in the same way that Jesus is God incarnate, we are to become incarnations of God in this earth. Because of the incarnation, God lives in us. We are His temples, His presence-carriers on the earth, because we died with Christ and were raised with Him into divine life.”

“As citizens of heaven (Phil. 3:20), and as ambassadors of heaven (2 Cor. 5:20), we are here with a mission. Jesus is not coming back until we finish the “Apostolic Mission” the mission of the Apostolos, to implement the Culture of Heaven into the Culture of the Earth.

Yes, someday the Church will have completed this mission. Sons and daughters of King Jesus will know who they are and will live out their identity as righteous people. Suffering will be brought to a minimum in the earth realm. Sin will have been massively decreased. The sex industry will have collapsed and broken families will be restored. People will live longer, healthier and more joy-filled lives. There will be no more orphans, no more starvation, and sickness will be rare.

All the enemies of God will bow under Jesus’ feet until finally death is put under His feet as the last foe (1 Cor. 15:26). All other foes will be subdued as we put them under our feet (Romans 16:20).

The day will come when the culturing of the Apostolos has completed the Apostolic Mission. On that day, Jesus will be able to touch His toe to earth in physical form and finally say as the Roman Emperor’s did in days past, “This place feels a lot like home!”



Now I want to end with a few more quotes.

This first quote is from Max Muller, who influenced Theosophy, Spiritualism, and Neitzsche (and others) in the 1800’s.

“Christianity is Christianity by this one fundamental truth, that as God is the Father of man, so truly, and not poetically or metaphorically only, man is the son of God, participating in God’s very essence and nature, though separated from God by self and sin. This oneness of nature between the Divine and the Human does not lower the concept of God by bringing it nearer to the level of humanity: on the contrary, it raises the old concept of man, and brings it nearer to its true ideal. ”

Berkhof shines more light on the philosophical antecedents of Kenosis when he writes: “The theory is based on the pantheistic conception that God and man are not so absolutely different but that the one can be transformed into the other. The Hegelian idea of becoming is applied to God, and the absolute line of demarcation is obliterated.”18 The theologians who concocted this heresy were German scholars steeped in the insidious philosophy of Hegel, the forerunner of both communism and fascism.”

” Menken’s Pietism abandoned the traditional emphasis on the doctrine of original sin as the imputation of Adam’s guilt to his descendants, and taught only that all human beings inherit the tendency to sin. Inasmuch as sin became less radical in its effects, a less radical salvation was required, and Christology underwent a certain modification. Menken interpreted the concept of self-emptying, or kenosis, in the Epistle of Philippians in terms of a complete laying aside by Christ of his divine attributes…Menken’s kenotic ideas were carried further by Gottfried Thomasius (1802-1875)…(Thomasisus) taught that the divine Logos laid aside all of the attributes of deity incompatible with humanity, especially his omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience. This view was developed by Bishop Hans Martensen…(this) new kenotic theory appears to apply to deity the limitations of humanity. Rather than stressing that God became incarnate in one man, Jesus Christ, with all of the conceptual problems such a doctrine brings, this new view suggested a kind of dialectical humanization of God…”

My point ? The NAR and its “theologians” have more in common with Max Muller, Hegel, and Thomasius than the Bible. The image of God is being perverted and the image of man is being exalted. Those connected to the NAR, whether it’s Bill Johnson or Harold Eberle, MUST answer these issues.

Church – speak out and demand change and call for repentance before it is too late !!



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