I came to Jesus Christ 38 years ago.  My name is Jeff Nicholes.  I can be reached at ….       wordspringministries@gmail.com


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  1. Chuck Porta, Eden Prairie, MN(. Suburb of Minneapolis) I have been in ministry since 1975. At times, over the years, I have called Leaders together for times of worship, word, and personal ministry. I would like to dialog a bit with you concerning deceptinmissues in the church. I am in the process of establishing a small forum of seasoned leaders to look into the issue of the true Jesus and another Jesus Paul warns about. Blessings and great grace to you and your loved ones.

    1. Please keep me informed as to any future meetings concerning this vital topic. The enemy is seeking to distort the true Jesus, and as watchmen we must defend the truth. May God bless you, Dan Slaikeu

  2. I’m researching Ian Clayton, got any more info. on him? I would really like to communicate more. I’m doing a lot of research on ministry/church issues, involving, false doctrine, deception, occult/new age influence in the church etc.

    1. I don’t have anything new on him. I stopped investigating him and Justin Abraham and Mike Parsons in 2016. I do know that much that was available (youtube, audio on blogs etc..,) has disappeared. I wish I could help you more.

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